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It’s hard to see the pattern when you’re in it, but humans do the same things again and again; they are not that complicated…Humans dance as elegantly as clockwork stars move across the sky, but they do not see it because they are the stars...


The nonhuman world has patterns, too. Look at the veins of a leaf, your hand, a tree, gold through rock, a river headed to sea, lightning. And again, again, not just in the visible but also the invisible. In airflow, particles, sound waves…veining across this poor, battered home of ours…Everything predicts everything else. Everything affects everything else.


Maggie Steifvater, Mr. Impossible

In a murderous time

the heart breaks and breaks

and lives by breaking.

It is necessary to go

through dark and deeper dark

and not to turn.

I am looking for the trail.


Stanley Kunitz, The Testing Tree


I do not like artist statements. My strength is in images, not words. If pressed I would describe my work as a series of reactions to what is in front of me and what is happening in the world and what is inside my head.


Living through the past decade has meant existing in a state of constant vigilance and anxiety, seeking connection in a world where other humans feel like a threat. In my painting process I find myself repeating shapes that are found in the natural world: branching lines and layers of color echo botanical and geological forms. My work brings me deep underground and far out into the universe. I'm trying to make sense of it all. I am looking for the trail.

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